About Us

To provide sustainable livelihoods for generations to come

Who We Are?

ITHUBA is a privately owned South African company founded by the Zamani Equity Fund and is registered with Companies Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) in accordance with the South African Companies Act of 2008. In 2013, Zamani’s leadership identified an opportunity to extend its strong management philosophy to provide a national service, and as a result formed Zamani Gaming as a special purpose vehicle (SPV) through which to bid for the licence to operate the South African National Lottery. Zamani Gaming attracted a consortium of credible B-BBEE and high profile investors to create Ithuba Holdings Proprietary Limited (RF), which was awarded the Third National Lottery Licence, effective from June 2015.

In inviting investors to Ithuba Holdings Proprietary Limited (RF), consideration was given to various national imperatives believed to be vital to South Africa’s economic development.

These imperatives include Black Economic Empowerment (BEE), acknowledged as a mechanism through which to increase economic participation of the previously disadvantaged black South Africans.

A further imperative is being responsive to the needs of all stakeholders including government, civil society, communities and shareholders in a country where large socio-economic disparities still exist amongst most sectors of our population and poverty remains the largest challenge.

For ITHUBA, being awarded the Operating Licence presents an opportunity to modernise and grow the National Lottery, foster confidence and pride in the National Lottery brand, and introduce a higher level of service and local communities than ever before. ITHUBA literally means “an opportunity”, one that promises to change the landscape and experience of the National Lottery for the better.